Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tractors and pulls

One of the best things about the tractor pulls is the black smoke that they put out when those RPM's go up.   The hubby and son also love this about the pulls.  I told the hubby that if we had the money to waste I would take our international tractor and make it into a pulling tractor.  His uncle keeps telling us our tractor looks like one with the huge tires that we have on it.  We never did go back to the original tires that should be on the tractor.
These are the tires that came with the tractor.Image result for images of 1066 international tractorsThis is the size that actually should go on the tractor.  The pictures really only give a small idea on the difference in the sizes.  

This week is a week of relaxation.  I went with the hubby to NJ for the rest of this week.  We finished with the fair on Tuesday afternoon and then took off for NJ.  I decided that being as the week was just about half over, I would come down with him.  I did computer work, reading, catching up on sleep; then when the hubby came back to the hotel we went out for supper to the Outback restaurant.  It wasn't too bad, the hubby and I prefer going to the Longhorn but it is a hour away from the hotel. We decided that is too far to go just for supper after he worked all day.

Have a wonderful day.


Terra said...

I like the big tires you have on your tractor, I am sure it can go through mud without getting stuck. That sounds like an enjoyable getaway for you in NJ.

Terry and Linda said...

It's fun to do nothing all day.


Shirley said...

Love tractor pulls!
Also love your new header photo.