Thursday, October 29, 2015

My kind of weather!

Hard to believe that we still have some awesome colors on the trees. Most of the colors are gone and leaves are falling fast.  Next week is November and we are still going to have 60 degree weather.  I am definitely not complaining.   We are going to have cool weather tomorrow and most of the weekend, but by Monday, 60!

Took Sara to obedience class again last night.  She still wants to play and doesn't pay much attention.  She does great toward the end of the class, and at home.  She is a smart dog, and she learns fast.  I have her sitting, shake, lay down, come, and heel.   We still need work when leading on the leash.  We are working on that.  Most of it is finding the correct collar for her to learn on.  It has only been two weeks, and we still have four more weeks to go.

Weaving is coming along.  It is hard to believe that I have two sets of towels to do, a shawl, and a couple of scarves to get done.  I am not used to having that many orders to get done.  I have to get back into the work mode.  Which means I need to get back out to my barn and out of the house!  I have my small loom in the house, I need to take it back out to the barn.

Hope you are having a good week.


Shirley said...

That's pretty!
Sara pics please!

Crystal said...

Its been beautiful weather here too, couple cooler days but all in all just warm :)
I wanna see Sara pics too she sounds like a lot of fun

Far Side of Fifty said...

Sound like fun to have a playful puppy to work with! Busy busy you better get to weaving:)