Tuesday, October 27, 2015


This weekend was a very busy weekend.  Saturday, the guys picked apples to do apple cider, the daughter and I did a festival and soup tasting lunch.  Then Sunday the hubby and son fixed the old apple cider press and pressed the apples, the in-laws came for lasagna,  then we got the cider ready to make hard cider.  We only have around a month and then we will be putting our hard cider into bottles.   Yesterday the hubby had to go get a physical and then we worked on getting the farm equipment put out in the back pasture for the winter months. 

The festival went great.   I sold a couple of scarves, and hand towel.  I also received an order for a shawl.  I have some major work to do before Christmas gets here.  I have two scarves to get done, a couple sets of towels, and a shawl. 

Hope you have a great week.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Your table looks great, so glad it was worth the effort! Hard Cider sounds good to me...I like Angry Orchards but I bet yours is better:)

Crystal said...

Love your table, and excellent you got some sales and an order! And cider, mmm I am tasting it already :)

Terry and Linda said...

MY goodness you have been hugely busy! I hope your sales were very, very, good!


Shirley said...

In the second photo, is the pink item near on the left of the table a saddle blanket? And the next row, the scarves? Maybe you could do a post on what you have for sale?