Sunday, October 18, 2015

Say it isn't so!

Yes, it is.  SNOW!  Not even enough to say so, but it is snow.

We finishes getting our wood chopped and stacked in the wood shed yesterday.  Now we will be working on getting equipment all oiled up and put out back for the winter.  Then some more cleaning up and getting ready for the snow piles we will have to make when it is time to start plowing the drive ways.

Today is going to be filled with some of the honey do list.  Go get Sirocco and bring him home, hanging new curtain rods and getting the corral gate fixed so it is easier to open and close, taking out air conditioners and hopefully that doesn't take too long.

Hope you have a great day.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Congratulations! You got snow before me! Yeah!! Hope you get all your "stiff" done before it snows enough to plow! :)

A. Montgomery said...

Missed you both today. I kept watching for you, but you didn't come. Oh, well, you can see us anytime. Glad you went to Mike's. Thank God and both of you for Kegan. He helped us immensely and came here and cleaned my computer. Love you all. Mom, Gram.

Shirley said...

Bleah! Where my daughter lives in Ontario they got the same thing, a skiff of snow- must have been the same system.
Exciting to have your boy home!

Crystal said...

Yuck snow :( well at least its not much and will probly go away. Super exciting to get Sirroco home and have him rideable :)