Monday, November 16, 2015

Oh, Deer!

Can't believe that this headlight and just a little bit of bent frame is going to cost me around $2300 to fix.  The son hit a deer with it Friday night.  It also took out the emblem on the front and the grill that is under the bumper.   I would of hated to see how much it would of cost if we would have had to replace the bumper.  He says that it is the headlight the frame and the grill.  No new bumper.  I need to replace the back bumper also, that is on my own and that will cost me $800.  One good thing, no one was hurt and the damages could of been a lot worse.  I would of hated to see how much anymore damage would of cost.

The weather here in the Northeast is just crazy.  We are still supposed to stay in the fifties all this week.  We haven't hit freezing during the day yet.  At night, yes, but not during the day.  I hate to imagine what the rest of the winter will entail if and when the cold weather and the snow starts to fly and stick.  I think that February will be or normal six feet of snow.  Yuck..............I think I better leave the snow thoughts for a later date.

Hope you have a great week.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Darn deer anyway:(

threecollie said...

Deer! They are such a pain in the butt! Glad Kegan is okay, but I am really sorry about your car.

Terry and Linda said...

Darn! I'm glad your son is okay, but what a bummer about the car!

┊  ★