Tuesday, November 17, 2015


This was my attempt at taking a picture at dusk.  Not very good.  The sunset was beautiful, though.  My pictures sure don't do it justice.

Took the car down to get a different adjustment for the insurance company and I liked this one a lot better, than the last one.  The gentleman was a lot nicer and took a lot more time with me.  I wanted to get an idea on how much it would cost to have it painted and the last guy wouldn't even talk to me hardly.  The other guy said that it would be better for me to have him just buff it and he would paint the wheels for me and get me a better price to have the back bumper replaced.  The insurance adjuster is supposed to look at the car tomorrow.  So, hopefully by tomorrow afternoon, I will have a better idea what it will cost to have it repaired, and do some other body work, that I have wanted done.  So, if I am lucky in a few weeks, I will have a nice looking car again.

Hope you have a great evening.

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