Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Most thought of

Some of the most precious things are the things that make you think of your children.  The plant is one from my son, he picked it out all by himself.  The coffee mug is also from the son, and I find myself going for it quite often.  The huge plant, is one from the hubby when our daughter was born 25 years ago, and it has traveled from Illinois all the way out here to New York.  Finally, the thing the son made me in school, that sits on the top of my desk.  I have lots more in the house, but these are just some of the really special things that I love the most.

I have finally sat down and started to work with Excel for the book work.  I haven't had a reason to do a lot of reason to do detailed bookkeeping, but now that I have the farm and the weaving, it was time to really get down to business and try to do a better job at bookkeeping.  I have some trial and error things to learn, but I will become more efficient as time goes on.  That is what all the schooling was for, now,  I just have to use what I have learned before I totally forget it all.

The weather has been pretty chilly, but it is supposed to get better for a couple of days, then back to being cold again by next week.  What a crazy weather system we have been having this year.

I was just told, that my daughter has cooked and finished with our supper, I think I will enjoy eating someone else's cooking for a change.


Crystal said...

Nice, lucky to eat someone else's cooking, it always tastes better :)

And bookkeeping is not my favorite job but a necessary evil

A. Montgomery said...

I have a whole year piled up around me here. Why do I let it go so long? It is beyond me. Time to buckle down and get busy what???
Love, Mom