Monday, January 4, 2016

Muddy Mess

This has been our pastures for the last few weeks.  Muddy as all get out.  We have had rain, and really warm weather.  It has finally frozen, now we have hard lumpy ground that makes it like a mine field for the horses! 

I am so glad the holidays are over.  Now the hard work begins again.  Trying to get book work done and caught up before the taxes.  I now finally have the time to get things put onto quickbooks and what happens, I keep getting an unresolved error and then it tells me it needs to shut down and it will let me know if they find any solutions.  I call quickbooks and they tell me my computer has a problem with microsoft and that it has encrypted my quickbooks and they wanted to charge me 126 dollars to fix my microsoft and then quickbooks.  What a mess!  Needless to say, I spent most of my day trying to fix that problem.  It looks like I will be trying to work with Excel to do all my book work and the heck with quickbooks.

I will persevere and figure things out one way or the other!


Linda Ault said...

I am with you, glad holidays are gone and now on to the book work.

Shirley said...

That is a mess! Both in the pasture and the quickbooks.

A. Montgomery said...

I guess I am glad I didn't buy that program.
Love, Mom

Linda said...

I'm glad the holidays are over too...I LOVE routine days and nights and can do without the obigations.

Crystal said...

Im also glad holidays are over, back to the fun stuff! Ugh I cant imagine that mud this time of year, we got snow snow and more snow here.