Thursday, January 28, 2016


This is the next scarf that is on the loom.   I did one that was mostly red, I did it for the daughter's boyfriend for Christmas.  I didn't get a picture taken of that one.  I hope to get one more scarf off the warp.  Then, I have some of  the towel warp that is left over from some Christmas projects.  I still have a shawl left to do.  I am going to let this scarf go until later and start on the shawl.

Today was a day of staying at home. (yippy)  Tomorrow it is back to another doctor appointment,  grocery shopping and back to the the whole sale store that is going out of business, to get the hubby and son some more military socks.  Then Saturday, I have a chiropractor appointment, then I will go back to doing some weaving.

The hubby has to work Saturday, and he isn't a happy camper.  I can understand why, when I had to work on Saturday's I hated it.  I will hopefully be going with him next week to cook for him and have a little alone time at night.  We don't get a lot of time together when he is home on weekends.   He usually has lots of things to get caught up on and then it seems that we always have company of some kind.  Then of course, the kids are still living at home and that makes things a little difficult to have some couple time!

Hope you have a great night.


Linda said...

Lol...Saturday is just another day around here.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Everyday could be a Saturday here! We have alone time 24/7 !! Just wait til you get older! That is a very pretty red scarf:)

Crystal said...

Haha I agree with them 2, all days are the same and Saturday is another day.

Terry and Linda said...

Sometimes I have to really think what day it is...they all merge together.


lisa said...

They do for me also, the hubby though, is used to getting a couple of days away from work, even though he still works when he is home.

Shirley said...

Nice colour I'm partial to red.