Monday, January 25, 2016


No pictures today.  I need to go out and spend some time with the camera and take pictures.

  Today I had the appointment with the colonoscopy specialist.  That lovely surgery is do February the 19th.  Now all I have is two more appointments this week and will be done until the end of February.

Jake was taken to the vet Friday and had his stitches and staples taken out.  We put a t-shirt on him so that he would leave the area of the incision alone and not lick it.

The guys went and bought another engine.  I have have a feeling the new barn, that hopefully will be going up this year, is going to be used for engines and not hay.  

Matt had a buddy from work come up and spend the weekend with us.  We took him out for breakfast at the restaurant that the hubby's cousin owns.  We went to the Beacon Wholesale that was going out of business (as you know from the previous post).  So, that was a very full weekend.  I was lucky the storm came down south or the hubby would not of been home this weekend.  Now we have to wait to see if he will make it home this weekend or not.

Have a great week.


Crystal said...

Sounds like you need a barn ans a shop.
Hows the t-shirt work does he leave it alone?

Far Side of Fifty said...

I hope all goes well, my husband says the prep is worse than the procedure itself. Good to hear Jake is recouping! :)