Sunday, January 24, 2016


Yes, I am one who likes pink.  We went to a wholesale yesterday, the business is selling out and we went to get the guys some winter things.  I found lots of wool socks, a pink neck warmer that has flaps that go around the neck, and pink camo glasses.  They actually match my newest camo gun that I bought last month.   My sister loves the color pink also, and we both are not real girlie girls, yes, once in a while I like to dress up, but I really prefer my jeans and boots!

It is pretty darn cold today.  The sun is shining and we were lucky enough to not get any of the snow that south got.  Yippy, I like snow but not blizzards and feets of snow.

Have a great day.


Terry and Linda said...

PINK! I like pink, but my favorite is Blue and purple! But you knew that about me already! :)


A. Montgomery said...

Blue and red are my favorite colors. Pink is so washed out. I like bright, vivid colors, not pastels.
Nice to see you all yesterday. Love you, Mom

Crystal said...

I like pink as well too, and I am pretty sure girly is far from me too haha

Shirley said...

I am a blue and red person- but I do like pink; I tend to go for the more vivid pinks though. I like jewel tones in my colours- deep rich colours.