Saturday, February 27, 2016


The barn is slowly getting more room.  We sold 16 bales of hay and then the hubby was happy to get his tractor back into the barn out of the elements.  I just knew, that we should of built him his barn first.  Hopefully, before the summer is out, he will have his very own barn for his engines, tractors, and work shop.   We bought a barn a few years ago and just haven't wanted to spend the money for the concrete to put it up, but this year hopefully things will work out and we can get it up.

The sun has been shining the last few days, but it has been pretty darn chilly.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be more cloudy and up in the low 50's.  It sure has been one crazy winter this year.  So far, I think the hubby is going to get his wish about an open winter.  Not really a lot of snow has fallen this year.  Usually by this time we have at least seen a foot of snow.

Went and got blood work done this morning, then went to look at new dish washers, then went and looked and stoves and refrigerators!  I have finally gotten tired of washing dishes by hand and I am ready to get a new washer, but now it is a matter of picking one out that hopefully, will last a little longer than the last one!

Hope you are having a great weekend.


Shirley said...

Every man needs his own space! At least to get him out of your space!
I still hand wash dishes, don't really need a machine when it's just us 2, and half the time just me.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I didn't get a dishwasher either, I did not want to give up cupboard space for it. I don't mind washing dishes and putting them away...and when there are a bunch here they always help with dishes:)