Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A week since last post

Looks like a tuba.  One of the plants we saw last year on our hike into the mountain.

Did a gun show over the weekend, had my weaving there.  I did make enough to pay for the table, but it was not worth doing the show.  People really had no interest in the things that I had for sale.  Most people go to those shows for guns and really aren't interested in anything else.  I guess it really depends on what kind of crowd you get and if wives go with the husbands.  Most wives like the guns to. (Me included)  I bought a new purse that I can carry in.  I don't like purses for guns but this one has a wire in the handle, that it would not be easy for someone to come along and cut.  I also, bought a couple of tin signs, that I liked, now I just have to figure out where I will hang them.

Yesterday, it was back to the dentist for a cleaning, then the kids took me out for dinner!  That was nice, I didn't even have to drive.  That does not happen often.  I am usually the one driving and paying.  Earlier in the day I stopped to sign for my taxes, but the hubby has to be with me, so that didn't get done.  I did get an appointment for an interview on Thursday, for the payroll clerks job at my accountants office.  So, wish me luck.

Today, was spent getting some paper work done, that I have been putting off, and doing some ordering, and just miscellaneous things that needed to get done.

Hope you are having a good week.


Terry and Linda said...

It is so nice to have the kids pay anymore and to treat us!


Linda said...

You would have done well at the gun show we were at last fall...lots of handicrafts, antique dishes and stuff.

Crystal said...

Too bad about the crowd at the gun show. Did you buy a gun??

lisa said...

No gun, I have to curb that spending. I now have four hand guns.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Too bad it didn't go well, but you got your name out there. I don't have a purse for my gun yet I havent found one that I like. 4 guns...you are locked and loaded!! :)

Shirley said...

I always looked for antiques at gun shows. You might get repeat business if you do the same show every year.