Wednesday, March 16, 2016


It is official, it is muddy!  I might bring them in tonight, to get them out of the muck for the night, and let their feet dry out. 

I had a dentist appointment this morning.  I had to be there by 8 this morning.  I had broken one of my back teeth at the gum.  He rebuilt it, put a post in and then put on a temporary crown.  My mouth is a little sore this afternoon.  Took around an hour and a half. 

Then I went to the pet store and picked up the doggies some toys that they have to chew the treat off of.  I like to get Sara toys that will keep her occupied, being that she is only a year old and likes to chew on things she shouldn't!  I don't know how pairs of shoes she has chewed!  I just had a pair of my favorite dress boots done.  She had chewed the top of the zipper and boot, when I went to zip it up, the zipper came off the boot!  She has also chewed countless shoe strings. 

Pretty mild today, we have 57 degrees, possible chance of rain tonight.       more rain :( 


Crystal said...

Ugh mud, we are pretty much out of mud already its so windy I don't know how we could have any moisture left, even after the snow from yesterday. Only wet place is my arena of course, but in a few days I should be able to work it and go to riding at home here too :)

threecollie said...

Darned dogs! I've been stuffing biscuits in an old milking inflation. Mack loves fishing them out and it keeps him busy for a while. We still have some around if you want a couple.

Terry and Linda said...

I HATE mud season, the only thing that hold me together during that time is it does dry up!


Shirley said...

Chew toys are the best! Thea chews everything! Her favourite is rope toys. Hope the mud dries up soon for you; we are finally getting some sun and wind to dry things- I was able to scrape Beamer's pen the other day.