Monday, July 25, 2016


As you all know and experience, the summer has been going pretty fast.  I have been busy, getting used to my job, trying to get Sirocco where I feel safe enough to ride him, doing engine shows, and just doing the normal stuff, that is done during the summer months.

1.  My job is doing great, I got a raise and I will be starting to work all week this week.  I could of stayed as part time, but as everyone knows times are tough and you need to make all the money that is possible to be able to do the fun stuff you want. (like horses and engines)

2.  I have ridden Sirocco a few times, but we have been working a lot from the ground, I have been trying to get Annie back into shape for riding, she is 22 years old and we don't ride her all that much.  So, I decided that until I can get Sirocco where I need him, I will ride Annie and get some major riding time in.  I really need to get her going first, she has lost a lot of muscle, and I have had some trouble trying to keep the weight on her, she seems to have the squirts a lot, and I don't mean diarrhea, her manure seems to be OK, but every so often she squirts and I have started to give her pro-bios, and it seems to work for the most part, but she still has it.  So, I have been doing some ground work to get her back in shape to ride.

3.  The guys did  a couple of engine shows, and they went well, we haven't decided if we will do more this year or not.  We were going to do the fair this year again, but nothing has really been decided on that.  It takes a whole week of missing work, and at this point the hubby has taken all his vacation and, of course, work has been slow and that doesn't help at all.

4. Last but not least, we have been doing the normal things, that need to be done on the farm, and then of course, we go and do fun things.  Like Saturday, the hubby and I went Kayaking and just spent the day to ourselves, the first one in a very long time!  I think next week-end  needs to be another day like that!  The guys worked on repairing my run in shed for the horses and finished it enough so that the horses can use it for now.  It still needs work, but we can now let the horses in it.

Hope you have a great week.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Always good to read what is happening with you Lisa:)

Shirley said...

Glad your job is going well.
Keep plugging away with Sirocco, ground work is a really good foundation to rebuild your confidence. The horse you have on the ground is the same horse when you are on his back, so getting control of his feet and his mind on the ground will translate once you are in the saddle. Have fun with it and don't forget to breathe!

Crystal said...

I think riding Annie to get more confidence is a great idea, 22 isn't that old if shes in shape. And so many shows and fairs to go to, we have our Hanna fall fair here in August I always like that one, so many more around but cant do everything.

threecollie said...

Make me tired just reading about it. Good for you getting lots of time in with both horses. Nothing beats mileage.