Thursday, April 13, 2017

Just Ducky

We are now finally getting some weather that will hopefully dry out the ground. It was weather for the ducks that is for sure!

We are even getting some warm weather that makes it feel more like spring.  It has been nice being able to wear a lighter jacket.

I got my first raise at work.  It is going so well, the longer I am there the easier it gets.  The boss goes on her first vacation since I have been working.  I am a little nervous.  I will have the run of the office until she gets back.  Sounds like I am well needed, but truth be known it is only her and I in the office.  No, one else to run things but me.  I keep telling myself it will be all ok.  We do have someone that will be able to answer the phones for me on Monday.  That is the day that is our heaviest payroll day.  I have 40+ companies that I have to do payroll for that day.  Then Tuesday is still a pretty busy day, but not as bad.  Then when Wednesday hits, the day goes much better.  Thursday and Friday, I am able to actually take a deep breath and take it a lot easier.

Hope everyone has a great Easter.


Crystal said...

Happy Easter to you as well.
Nice to hear the job is going easy and a raise yay!! I'm sure her vacation will be fine, it's always scary the first time alone

Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Easter! I am sure you will do just fine! It will be an adventure!! :)

em said...

Landslides are sometimes a risk.