Tuesday, December 12, 2017

SNOW, we are finally getting our first dose of snow for the season.  Looks pretty, even though I really don't want to think of the next few winter months.

Matt had to fly to the state of Washington for a job and hopefully he is back home next week.

We are pretty much ready for the Christmas season, I took this week off to do some cleaning and going through a couple of rooms that have become our catch all rooms, junk rooms, storage rooms, which ever you want to call it.  I think it is going to take more than a week to get that accomplished.

This year has been a busy one, started to take riding lessons again, joined weight watchers with the daughter, lots of things going on.  Doing engine shows with the guys over the last summer.  Went to Tennessee for vacation, my retirement state!

Now that the hubby is libel to be gone for months, I thought I would get back to blogging for him.  he will get to come home for the holidays, then it will be back out to Washington for the next three to four months if not longer.

Hope you are doing well and until next time.  Have a good one.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Your snow is way prettier than ours:0 I was so glad to see you pop up in my reader. I always enjoy what you have to say! I have a nephew getting married in Ithaca next summer...how far is that from you?
I hope your job is going well and cleaning out rooms is on my list for after Christmas! :)

Crystal said...

Snow is so pretty when its at someone elses place ;)

Sure will be different having him gone for so long again and not even where you can go visit easily.

Glad you are getting into riding again, it's work but so worth it

lisa said...

Connie, Ithica is not that far from us at all! Just a couple of hours. It has been years since I purged the house.

Cyrstal, I think the lessons has helped tremendously! I plan on taking Sirocco there in the fall and working with my instructor!

Shirley said...

Hey, great that you are blogging again. Hope the riding lessons and Weight Watchers goes well for you. I am working on changing my eating habits too- it is tough but the mirror provides good incentive.