Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not much going on today, just trying to get the weaving done before Saturday and I am down to two sets of towels out of 5.  So, that is progress.  I have been getting up on the tread mill doing 2 and a half miles a day.   All animals are doing good.   Getting close to the time where we have to start pushing the grain to the steers for fattening up and getting them out of the barn to make room for the young steers.  

Matt is supposed to fly home this coming Friday. Sounds like the job is all done so he will be home for a while and then soon he will be on his way out to Ohio for another away job.  He is bringing a cookbook from down there and that is really awesome.  I will have fun trying some of those southern dishes.

I really am beginning to hate these jobs that take him away for weeks on end.   I can handle the job of taking care of the farm and the household but I sure do not like being without my best friend beside me.  One thing that is good and that is he is working and has a job where a lot of people are not so lucky in that regard. 

You all take care and have a great evening.


Mappy said...

Love ya Honey !!! You will always be my sweet pea !!!

Crystal said...

Tough when hes away so long, but I guess if thats what you gotta do to work thats what you do.

lisa said...

Thanks Honey!

His kind of job requires it. Not only that if he gets a job around here it just doesn't pay enough. So, he has to out on the road for now and someday hopefully he can stay around here and work.

Shirley said...

Wee're in the same boat here workwise. Ted works away from home and I hate it. I told him he can't work away any more- I think it's the kick in the butt he needs to get his home business up and running- he is opening a fix-and fabricate shop.