Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Earn some lose lots

Went to get the oil changed and have the brakes checked on the car today.  I also wanted them to detail it, but guess what, other things needed to get done that was more important and cost a lot more.  The brake pads in front needed replaced, the back pads needed to be cleaned, the rotors on the front and the back needed to be resurfaced, the air, oil and cabin filters needed to be replaced plus the water pump (which is covered by the extended warranty) was leaking and had to also be replaced.  Needless to say the labor was twice as much as the parts cost themselves!   Just so you all know, Toyota's brakes don't last worth a darn, I have had my brakes done three times in the last four years!   My car is a 2008 and the water pump starts leaking!  I still think the labor cost is the worst of the whole thing!  I mean not even the hubby makes 79 dollars an hour!  Sorry, but sometimes I think that owning a newer car is not worth it but then of course you get an old one that nickle and dimes you then you still have the same old headache except the hubby can fix some of  the old vehicals!   You sure are darned if you do and darned if you don't!  People wonder why they never have money, its because no matter what you do you seem to have to dish out some kind of cash to get things or do things!  Nothing is free that is for sure, but come on can't we at least bring prices down so our pockets aren't empty all the time.

Well enough of the moanin and groanin, hope you all had a great day!


Far Side of Fifty said...

Sounds like you got hit with a bunch of repairs all at once. 79 dollars an you should go to school to be a mechanic:)

Terry and Linda said...

Love your butterfly photo! We have them here, but I haven't seen one this year.