Tuesday, July 10, 2012

BBQ Recipe (for those who asked)

I really don't have a specific recipe for my BBQ sauce.  I  go by how much I want to make and adjust all the ingredients accordingly.   I start out with Ketchup, Dijon mustard, liquid smoke, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, honey, garlic powder, and franks hot sauce, oh and I almost forgot, MOLASSES!  I use quite a bit of that!  I never measure out the ingredients.  When we had the family picnic, I started out using 2 big bottles of ketchup and one whole container of liquid smoke and 3/4 a bottle of Worcestershire sauce and then two whole bottles of Dijon mustard and then just added the sweet ingredients to my taste!  So, good luck and just experiment with the ingredients!  This made about 1.5 gallons of BBQ and I still ended up with extra left over in the refrigerator, which was just fine with me.  I used it on meatloaf and what else my heart desired to use it on.

I  use this all the time and I never buy BBQ sauce!  It isn't a fancy recipe or any real special ingredients.  But the hubby sure loves it.  So good luck and let me know how you adjust the recipe.

Hope you all had a great day.


Linda said...

Sounds like your a dump and pour cook....just like me;)) Thanks for the recipe.

lisa said...

I sure am Linda!