Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Stills

We have my good old wheels to hold up my morning glories in the summer no rubber on these, then we have the nice lawn ornament that doesn't have any where near what the new tractors have now days, and last but not least horseshoes without the horse!

Going to NJ with the hubby next week and will be doing lots of book work on the laptop, along with getting things ready for taxes, and lots of reading material and study materials.  It will be a nice break from the running to doctors that I have been doing for the last few couple of weeks.  The kids will be here taking care of the farm and house!   Kegan does a great job taking care of things, along with Tawny.   It is great to have adult children to take care of things while the parents go away.

Hope you have a great evening.


Crystal said...

Ya we need some of those adult children around here some days ;)
I like the rust pics, we have an old tractor too I forgot about it since its so far away through the snow

Shirley said...

My hubby would love that old tractor.
Hope you have a good stay in the city- as good as it can be in a city.

lisa said...

I don't go to far from the motel during the day. I am getting caught up on all my paper work, and finally learning how to use Excel for the farm and the weaving. It gives me time to concentrate with no interruptions!

Linda said...

I love that old wheel...I have one exactly like it in my arbor.